Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whole Foods Invaded by Angry, Toni-Basil-Repurposing Mob

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  1. Whole foods supermarket in New York City is working with the police, narcotics detectives, and confidential informants to arrest people in their store.

    I was set up by a confidential informant in Whole Foods on Houston St and arrested by Narcotics Detectives inside the store for possesion of marijuana. The detectives told me that Whole Foods has made numerous complaints about "druggies" and "drug dealers" bringing marijuana into their store and wants them all arrested. I spent two days in jail for marijuana. Detectives pulled their guns and held them at my head in the middle of the store all with Whole Foods approval.

    So if you enjoy smoking or support the legalization and think it is really stupid to waste tax dollars arresting and holding people in jail for marijuana tell Whole Foods they should stop supporting the arrest and imprisonment of Marijuana users.

    I urge you to BOYCOTT WHOLE FOODS until they stop this disgusting practice.

    You can contact Whole Foods at:

    Whole Foods Market, Inc.
    550 Bowie Street
    Austin, TX 78703-4644
    512.477.5566 voicemail
    512.482.7000 fax
    Customer Service: or 512-542-0878

    For more information about this contact me at