Sunday, October 4, 2009

BOYCOTT ACTION ALERT - Tomorrow in Paramus, NJ

The teabaggers are having themselves a "buycott" and we are all invited to attend.

National media WILL be there. (confirmed) as will the "founder" of the "buycott."
It would be great if we could have a presence there, too.
(But this is short notice and Paramus is far away for many of us (that's why they chose it, I imagine)

Anybody interested in carpooling from the Berkshires should contact me.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Carter Calls Out Bigotry (posted on Daily Kos)

President Carter on NBC said:

I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American.  I live in the South and I’ve seen the South come a long way and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shared the South’s attuitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly african americans.  That racism inclination still exists, and I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of a belief among many white people, not just in the South, but around the country, that African-americans are not qualified to lead this great country.

It’s an abominable circumstance and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply.

Expect President Carter to face a hurricane of reight-wing bloviating about his comments tomorrow.

Expect President Obama to be forced to repeat that he doesn't believe these people are motivated by racism.

President Carter understands: IT IS UP TO WHITE PEOPLE to call out racism.  Period.  Full stop.

When a black person calls out the true motivation that underlies the ginned-up anger of the Fox minions, they are discounted and accused of seeing racism everywhere.

If you are white, and you do not raise your voice, calling out this abominable prejudice and ignorance for what it is, it is assumed that you agree with the lie that racism has nothing to do with this sudden and fierce animosity towards the very idea of the United States of America.
 (Where were the calls for secession under our white presidents?)

White people have got to stand up to racism.  We must have our non-white brothers' and sisters' backs in this battle.  By not choosing a side, you are allowing the haters to claim you as their own, by default.

Which side are you on?

Must See Video of Teabaggers Being Schooled (Is Our Teabaggers Learning?)

Is Our Teabaggers Learning?

The Glenn Beck hordes are told where "czars" really started and how Joe Wilson really voted on providing health care for undocumented workers.

Like so much today, it's terrifying, enraging and (hopefully) will spur good people to act.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure.

So, I guess the lesson these teabaggers "learned" (are being forcefed) from "history" (by Fox Limbaugh Righty-Tighty-Whitey News) is "We need to be bigger assholes and we need to get our kids to wear the really hateful t-shirts."

(The revolution will not be t-shirtivised)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whole Foods Threatens to Sue the Organic Consumers Association



It  starts out with a bang:

Dear John, Thanks for your letter dated August 26, signed by one of your attorneys, threatening to sue the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), under the bizarre pretence that a petition we've been circulating violates your "intellectual property rights." Given all the bad publicity that you've gotten lately for admitting that Whole Foods Market (WFM) retail stores are purveyors of "junk food;" that WFM needs to sell a lot more certified organic products (rather than conventional items greenwashed as "natural"); that WFM's "365" private label products need to be thoroughly tested for GMO contamination; that you don't think all Americans deserve government subsidized access to health care; or need labor unions; perhaps you may want to reconsider suing the largest organic consumer watchdog organization in the United States.


I mean, seriously, WOW.

Whole Foods is wildly flailing all over the place, alienating historical allies, pissing off customers, insulting Canadians...  

Is John Mackey some sort of Manchurian CEO?  I have to wonder if the people from Bush's Securities and Exchange Commission planted some sort of device in his brain when they brought him up on charges in 2007.  Is what we're seeing the result of a recent, seemingly random meeting with Laura Bush in the bulk nuts section, where she whispered the secret words in his ear, causing him to not only try to destroy health insurance reform, but his own company, as well?  Requests for comment from Whole Foods have received no replies.  (possibly because none have been sent, and yet...)


Here's the money shot from the OCA reply as it applies to the boycott of Whole Foods:

"OCA hasn't yet called for a boycott of WFM because our experience over the past decade is that you will respond to organic consume...r pressure, if enough of us raise our voices loudly enough to tarnish your brand image and threaten your bottom line."


I love that word.

So, here's to this boycott helping to ramp up the pressure on Whole Foods to negotiate with the OCA in good faith, rather than trying to squash dissent with their lawyers.  (And the Fox zombies think this is about free speech.  HAH!  Their speech isn't free; it's been bought and paid for by Fox)