Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whole Foods Threatens to Sue the Organic Consumers Association



It  starts out with a bang:

Dear John, Thanks for your letter dated August 26, signed by one of your attorneys, threatening to sue the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), under the bizarre pretence that a petition we've been circulating violates your "intellectual property rights." Given all the bad publicity that you've gotten lately for admitting that Whole Foods Market (WFM) retail stores are purveyors of "junk food;" that WFM needs to sell a lot more certified organic products (rather than conventional items greenwashed as "natural"); that WFM's "365" private label products need to be thoroughly tested for GMO contamination; that you don't think all Americans deserve government subsidized access to health care; or need labor unions; perhaps you may want to reconsider suing the largest organic consumer watchdog organization in the United States.


I mean, seriously, WOW.

Whole Foods is wildly flailing all over the place, alienating historical allies, pissing off customers, insulting Canadians...  

Is John Mackey some sort of Manchurian CEO?  I have to wonder if the people from Bush's Securities and Exchange Commission planted some sort of device in his brain when they brought him up on charges in 2007.  Is what we're seeing the result of a recent, seemingly random meeting with Laura Bush in the bulk nuts section, where she whispered the secret words in his ear, causing him to not only try to destroy health insurance reform, but his own company, as well?  Requests for comment from Whole Foods have received no replies.  (possibly because none have been sent, and yet...)


Here's the money shot from the OCA reply as it applies to the boycott of Whole Foods:

"OCA hasn't yet called for a boycott of WFM because our experience over the past decade is that you will respond to organic consume...r pressure, if enough of us raise our voices loudly enough to tarnish your brand image and threaten your bottom line."


I love that word.

So, here's to this boycott helping to ramp up the pressure on Whole Foods to negotiate with the OCA in good faith, rather than trying to squash dissent with their lawyers.  (And the Fox zombies think this is about free speech.  HAH!  Their speech isn't free; it's been bought and paid for by Fox)

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