Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My comment from this morning's NYT piece on Michelle Obama's organic garden at the WH

wasn't approved
re-submitted without identifying myself as the creator of the Facebook Boycott Whole Foods group. Let's see if it makes it past moderation.

(and it was in response to a right-wing loon who hijacked the conversation in the first comment)

This bit about Organizing for America supporting the Whole Foods boycott is a new one to me!
Those lies just keep on coming.
TR, did the voice in your head tell you that or did one of your commandants on the radio or Faux News whisper it in your ear?
I just have to shake my head at the vocal but tiny minority of people in this country who are, apparently, repeating their terrible twos and stuck in an endless loop of "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" whenever they see or hear anything positive about President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, or anyone or anything connected with them.
We wouldn't try to reason with tantrum-throwing toddlers, so why do we try to have discussions with these colicky fools?
Mark E Rosenthal
creator of Boycott Whole Foods group on Facebook
(when these right-wing trolls start signing their real names, I might begin to believe that there are more than a dozen of them)

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